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Vital Socks kit - Compression Socks - 3 Pairs

Vital Socks kit - Compression Socks - 3 Pairs

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Each purchase includes 3 pairs of Vital Socks. 2 Beige, 1 black.

Zippered Compression Socks Zippersock helps soothe and revitalize your legs, giving you a pleasant feeling with every step and an immediate relief from leg pain and swelling.

  • They are specially designed for people who spend a lot of time standing.
  • Unparalleled technology in their design provides good circulation, relief from swelling, and fluid retention.
  • They are designed to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling.
  • Toeless design, adapting to all foot sizes.
  • It is made with a blend of nylon (90%) and breathable spandex, allowing them to be worn with any footwear.
  • The skin color blends well with most skin tones, not noticeable when worn. They are not visible under clothing.
  • It is constructed with pinch-free zippers, an adjustable design, and a toe opening, making them comfortable and easy to adjust.

How to use:

  1. Align the zipper with the inner part of the leg and slide your foot through the socks.
  2. The heel should fit with the heel shape in the sock.
  3. Use one hand to close the zipper and adjust the sock at the top.
  4. With the other hand, zip up the zipper.

Washing instructions:

  • Hand wash with cold water and mild soap.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Air dry, and do not use an iron.


  • S/M - Shoe Size 4-7
  • L/XL - Shoe Size 7-11
  • 2XL/3XL - Shoe Size 12+
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